Professional Pet Grooming Program

Get hands-on training and earn a professional pet grooming certificate using stress-free grooming techniques from the only officially permitted grooming school in the City of Oakland California, in the Bay Area

One-on-one training, 3 month course – 3 days a week, 11:00- 3:00
(plus homework for reduced commute time)
Minimum of 3 months/144 hours of class time

$3900.00 fee includes instruction, tools, books and tests, no refunds

Classes include:

Theory and practice
Animal behavior and body language
Stress-free grooming techniques for all dogs and cats

COVID-19 Update: Class size will be limited to 3 or less students at a time for social distancing, and PPE will be provided (masks, gloves, etc.). Temperatures will also be taken prior to each class.


Interviews available in person or by phone. Must be 18 years or older and have a valid government issued ID (drivers license or passport), a high school diploma, and provide address and contact information. If under 20 years old, a parent must be present at the interview, and provide consent.

Please call 510-444-1159




Alfonso R.
Business Owner

Born in Belem, Brazil, Alfonso has studied pet grooming in Germany for two years before studying further in New York City. In addition to being multi-lingual, he often jokes that he also speaks “dog” and “cat”. After completing his upper education, he moved to California where he finished his grooming certification with the San Francisco SPCA. Enamored with the Bay Area, Alfonso then opened Broadway Grooming Clinic in the Old Oakland neighborhood, where he continues to provide local grooming services for all animals to this day.

*photo of Alfonso R. taken by Hanks Pellissier for SFGate 1/2003, header painting by Anthony Holdsworth




Broadway Grooming Clinic specializes in stress-free grooming for all dogs, cats and exotic animals by certified pet groomer, Alfonso Rezende.

Alfonso has been certified by the SPCA in San Francisco as a Professional Pet Groomer, and has studied in animal care schools across the world in Brazil, Germany and the United States.


1004 Jefferson St
Oakland, CA 94607

between 10th St & 11th St in Old Oakland

(510) 444-1159